Hi. I’m Tanya. I write stuff.
You should read it.

The Melody's Song Trilogy is super affordable on Amazon!
If you can’t spring for the gorgeous physical books, digital is fine.



Starting September 3, I will be writing a novel every month on PATREON — I’d love for you to read along! They'll be drafts, of course, nothing cranked out in a month is ready to publish without revision. But they'll be finished, and YOU will have read them before anyone else, for the low low price of $2/mo - or whatever amount you feel is appropriate beyond that.

Why am I writing novels on Patreon?

Because I need your support to do the thing I was designed to do. I've got an inspired, creative brain trapped in a crumbling body, and words are all I've got left. Your support through Patreon is one way for me to do what I love AND keep my car insured. It's a win-win. You give me the financial flexibility to exist via a non-traditional work model, and I supply you with monthly novels, 1200-1500 words at a time.





Follow me on social media: I’ll start posting more on my “official” Facebook page, and if you engage with those posts (click like, love, or better yet, comment and start a conversation which I promise to participate in,) Facebook will be like wow, she’s popular, we should stop hiding her posts from people because our algorithms are unpredictable and frankly, exclusionary. Not on the Facebook? I also do the Instagram and the Twitter (but be warned, my Twitter is almost exclusively me reacting to Critical Role.)

Low Effort:

Share the few self promotional things I manage to post to the page - Not only does it give me more street cred with the Facebook, it also exposes my work to a much wider audience (given that as an introvert, I have a relatively small sphere of influence.) Surely you know people who read, or want a Tarot reading, or would resonate with me as a person.

Medium Effort:

Review my books on Amazon or Goodreads: -sigh- It’s a sad fact of the writing life that reviews are an author’s make or break, and the only people who leave reviews seem to be the ones who didn’t like the book. I get not leaving one when you did like it, though. You wouldn’t call the manager over to compliment your waitstaff on excellent service, would you? (I mean I do. But most people don’t, because it’s easy to assume that good service (or a book you don’t actively hate) is your due.) As for book reviews, what is there to say? Luckily, you don’t have to say much. (It’s the stars that matter.) Some helpful suggestions for what to write:

  1. I enjoyed this book. I think people who like [insert author my style reminds you of here] would also enjoy this book.

  2. I read this book in one sitting, it was so good. You should read it too!

  3. I don’t regret reading this book. I am satisfied with my experience as a reader.

  4. My world wasn’t changed by this book, but I understand that it wasn’t supposed to be. It’s a book. It’s entertainment. I was entertained.


{ NOW AVAILABLE } Book (or gift) a Tarot Reading:

I’ve been reading Tarot and Oracle (and tea leaves and everything else I see) for over 25 years now. I do thirty and sixty minute readings via Zoom video calling, as well as shorter readings delivered to your email, with prices dependent on how much time we (or I) spend with the cards. Am I worth $60/hour? Yes, yes I am. I know my stuff, I don’t sugarcoat anything, and I don’t waste your time with the woo woo. I get an overview of your situation, what’s influencing it, and I work with you to find a solution or craft a plan of action. Why bother to consult the cards if you’re not going to take their advice? That said, let me add the caveat: Serious Inquiries Only.

Buy My Books: If you haven’t already, I mean. They make great gifts, if you’re a book-giving person. Plus, the more people who buy the Melody’s Song trilogy, the faster I earn out my advance from Cobble Publishing, and can actually see a royalty or two :)
(The 1% of Genius is all me, so I get a nice chunk of the $5.99 purchase price.)
(I’m looking into self-publishing options for my next novel, I’ll let you know when that’s a thing.)

Support me on Patreon: I have an Ongoing Support business model with my Patreon page, where I write a draft of a novel in 28 days, every month. Of course, even with the one-size fits all model there is room for customization - I only ASK for $2 per month (because I watched Better off Dead too many times as a child) but you can actually enter whatever number you want in the pledge box, and change it whenever you feel like. The content will stay the same, and every dollar will go towards covering my basic living expenses so I can create without fear.

Be a Wish List Fairy: It’s no secret that I am a minimalist with an end goal of living a tiny life in a tiny house with a tiny cat by an ocean somewhere. However, there are still things I want / need that I simply can’t afford. I don’t consider them frivolous, but by all means cruise over to the list and see for yourself. And if you happen to see something that you want to provide for me, know that I am overwhelmed by gratitude already.

Pay a Bill for me: I’ve thrown these things up on Gumroad because hey, if you don’t ask, no one can say yes.

  • Keeping my website up and running is crucial to my entrepreneurial efforts as a Creator - it costs $25/month.

  • Keeping my car insured is crucial to my getting to therapy and visiting my dad once a week - that’s $80/month.

  • Gas is also important in that regard - $25 nearly fills my tank for an average week of appointments.

  • On the off chance that people provide a surplus of dollars towards insurance or gas, it will all go into a much needed car savings account for future maintenance. (Abby is 10 years old and has 222000 miles on her. She’s paid for, but she goes through oil pretty quick and will probably need tires next year.)


I in no way deserve your kindness, but I am forever thankful for it.