The freckles and flower are a filter, but the hair is all me.

The freckles and flower are a filter, but the hair is all me.

Hi. I’m Tanya. I write stuff.
You should read it.

The Melody's Song Trilogy is super affordable on Amazon! { If you can’t spring for the gorgeous physical books, digital is fine. }

Calgon blur? Snapchat filter. Shaved head? All me.

Calgon blur? Snapchat filter. Shaved head? All me.


After a a few weeks of trial and error with my PATREON, I’ve settled on sharing my daily writing process with my glorious, beautiful, supportive Patrons in an “ongoing support” arrangement. For the low low price of $2/mo - or whatever amount you feel is appropriate beyond that - you’ll basically have an all-access pass into my writer’s notebook. I might outline a novel one day and write a short story the next, I might talk about querying and submitting, and then switch to writing some clever dialogue for a novel I haven’t even discussed yet. Unpredictable, but real - and every $2 makes all the difference in the world.

Why am I ASKING FOR SUPPORT on Patreon?

Because I need your help to do the thing I was designed to do. I've got an inspired, creative brain trapped in a crumbling body, and some days it feels like words are all I've got left. Your ongoing support through Patreon is one way for me to do what I love AND keep my website up / running and my car insured, etc. Your subscriptions give me the financial flexibility to exist via a non-traditional work model, and in return, you get to see behind the curtain and know about things I’m writing or submitting before anyone else.



I’m also a reader of cards - Tarot cards, specifically, though I also use Oracle cards on occasion. To be fair, I can also read playing cards, tea leaves, and coffee grounds. (Once, when pressed, I did a reading with someone’s Magic: the Gathering deck - with surprising success.) I don’t do palms or entrails, though, and I especially don’t work with spirits.

I’ve got 25+ years of experience as a Cartomancer, and exactly none patience for the woo-woo of it all. I believe in energies and influences, sure, and there’s a time and a place for incense and crystals, but I also believe in action — my goal in every reading is to establish where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there in a way that doesn’t hurt anyone.