"Wait! You forgot to leave a writer with me!"


Here's the thing. You love your cats, but you want to travel.

Maybe you HAVE to travel.

And sure, Ernesto J. Fluffypants is fine for a few days, but what happens when your trip is longer?

What happens when you're looking at two weeks or more?



You could board your fur baby (babies) for the time you'll be gone - like a vacation of their own...  in a cage... surrounded by strangers and other cats ... I'm sure it would be super fun for them ... (that was a lie. Ernesto would hate that.)

cat hug.jpg


You could have someone stop by every other day to refill the food dish and take care of the litter box - that way they get to stay at home, mostly alone, wondering where you are and why this random person who isn't you keeps messing with their food and giving them a few minutes of affection before disappearing again.

lonely cat.jpg


You could bring your cat(s) to someone else's house, drop them off with their blankie and their litter box and leave them with humans you trust who have unfamiliar habits and patterns and smells and maybe even Other Cats.

But what about your house?


(Or Apartment. Or Condominium. Or Duplex. Or Tiny House.)

It's not super easy to sub-let a place, let alone a place with a cat. (And if you do go that route, how can you be sure the sub-letters are actually cat PEOPLE?) Look, even if you do find a place for Ernesto J. Fluffypants, your residence is now sitting empty, and you have to try to sub-let it or let it be empty. For weeks. Of course, you could let it go and find a new place when you get back, but that's just delaying the hassle and what if Ernesto J. Fluffypants doesn't like the new place?

Hi. I'm Tanya.

I am a writer and writing adventure guide, and I am a responsible, cat-loving adult. I am willing to road-trip within North America to keep your beloved cat(s) company while you're away in exchange for a small weekly stipend and the use of your high-speed internet access (which I require in order to continue doing the other work I do to keep the rate down for this service.)

Unless of course you're buying the plane ticket, then I'm open to almost ALL the places. Passport at the ready.

When you think about it, it's the perfect arrangement. I get to travel, you get to travel, and Ernesto J. Fluffypants gets uninterrupted meal service, cuddles, and litter-box maintenance. Would-be criminals don't get the idea that since you're not home it's okay to break in and steal your stuff, since someone WILL be home - me! I get the mail, water the plants, dust the bookshelves - basic house stuff - for way less than you'd normally pay.

How Much Is Way Less?

The average pet sitting pay in the US is about $37/day, which goes up to about $45 for overnight care. A week of that would be $315.
Average house-sitting services start around $20 a day, which brings the weekly cost up to just shy of $500.

I only charge $200 week
($175/week if I'm there longer than 4 weeks)
and I'd love to talk about helping you out.


*note* I am UNABLE to stay with dogs, or in homes where dogs usually are.

(Because severe allergy. Cats are good, though. I'm even open to snakes.)

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cats love writers. writers love cats.

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that is science.