Keep It To Yourself

An old dude stopped me on my way into the grocery store the other day.

Keep in mind I had headphones in and was in full-on “you don’t see me, leave me alone” mode. I was not making eye contact. My chin was up, I was woman-on-a-mission walking.

He saw me. He stopped me, on purpose. He waited for me to pop out an earbud before saying: “You’ve got some blue in your hair,” and smiled at his own cleverness.


I’ve read posts (and listened to actual words coming from actual mouths) from friends wondering if they should tell a stranger that their clothes are unflattering for their body shape/size, or sharing how someone else should have checked their clothes / hair before they left the house.

none business maam rufus.gif

I just watched Deadpool talk about inclusiveness and champion against sexism and racism while making cheap diabetes jokes at the expense of a fat kid.

So I started writing about judgmental people and how our media creates both comedy and horror based solely on “otherness,” how the internet has removed our instinct to mind our own business — and then realized I was doing exactly what I was angry about. 

So I’m going to just leave these here, and go mind my own business.