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“She cannot stay here.”

So begins the saga of Melody, a sheltered young woman thrust without warning into the magically intolerant civilization she has been raised apart from. As a sleeping evil wakes, the powers she doesn’t understand continue to grow - powers that some people would kill for.

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In this first installment, Melody finds herself swept away from her comfortable, peaceful life by her father’s old friend Calder. They are on the run from a Duke who wants her dead for reasons she doesn’t understand.

When Calder disappears, Melody joins up with a pair of displaced brothers who are on the run from that same Duke for reasons of their own.

As they dodge the Duke’s pursuit together, they begin to encounter forces much more frightening than soldiers and spies - forces that only Melody seems equipped to fight.

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Her heart broken, her companions gone, Melody must find a way to survive the destruction that weighs so heavily on her conscience.

While Melody cares for two small survivors and struggles to reconcile the powers with her, Jovan steels himself against his new, painful solitude and gathers more like-minded men to fight with him against the Duke.

Their personal battles are overshadowed, however, by the very real presence of the Lich King’s minions - a precursor to his inevitable return. Can Melody learn to control her magic in time to save them all?

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In the final book of the series, Melody has come into her own, consciously accepting her unprecedented magical abilities and vowing to protect the people she loves.

Melody understands the role her magic will play, magic that only she possesses, and she is all too aware of what price she will have to pay for even the chance at success.

But time is running out, and the Lich King is determined to stop them - even with the help of Jovan and the others, will Melody be able to defeat him before her own body betrays her?


Awaken: Melody's Song Book 1
By Tanya Schofield
Asunder: Melody's Song Book 2
By Tanya Schofield
Arise: Melody's Song Book 3
By Tanya Schofield

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