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Hi. I'm Tanya. I'm a writer.

(Or author, whichever term you like.) I've been all kinds of things over the years - a barista, a car insurance claims representative, a newspaper editor, a seamstress, a receptionist ... even a "happiness coordinator." 

A funny thing happened, though, when I achieved my lifelong dream of becoming a published author. When I started hanging out in "author groups" on Facebook, I realized that writers, sometimes by tragic necessity and sometimes by choice, are becoming businesses... little more than word factories. Story is taking a back seat, and I'm not okay with that. 

So these days I'm calling myself a DraftCrafter, and I'm working to bring back the art of writing for love of the story. I'm focusing my energies on supporting fiction writers as they WRITE, instead of worry about whether or not they're doing it correctly.


In essence, a DraftCrafter is a fiction writer who is more interested in crafting a draft, in telling a story that they'd actually want to read, than writing on-trend or to a certain demographic based on what sells.

Ideas get respect and attention, and unsolicited advice gets shown the proverbial door. Concerns about covers and agents and publishers and submissions and word count and author platforms don't enter into it yet.

DraftCrafters are those who Just Tell the Damn Story.

Can I Craft a Draft?

HELLZ YEAH YOU CAN. I designed the "Write A Story In Three Days" email series to help you - it's perfect for any of the three different kinds of writers:

  • Eager (excited to write,)
  • Experienced (wants to reclaim the excitement,)
  • Extra (always writing/thinking, but not so much with the finishing.)