Writers Write. I Help.


“Coaching” sounds nebulous and not-real.
That's why I'm a Writing Adventure Guide!

Whatever term we use, the fact is that it’s one of the most important things you can do for yourself - in any area, not just writing. Because it’s individual, personalized attention to YOUR specific needs, fluid and responsive and interactive.

Self-guided instruction is hugely valuable, but it’s impossible for one program to address ALL the issues faced by EVERY participant. Coaching fixes that.

This adventure,  the one I'm inviting you to commit to, is affectionately referred to as “Just Tell the Damn Story” because the focus is exactly there - on the story. Not the aftermath. We don’t talk about agents or editors or publishing or keywords or algorithms. We’re going to give the story the attention it deserves.

As an Adventure Guide I will help you build a writing habit that works for you, shift your mindset away from what you think you “should” do and towards what you can do, what you love to do. I will help remind you of the bigger (or smaller) picture as necessary, I will give you fresh perspective and the room to experiment and develop techniques and styles that suit you.

I LOVE stories, I think the world needs more of them - ALL of them. I know all stories aren’t for all people, so the more options people have to choose from, the better. That’s why I do this. Sure I write my own stories, but those are just a drop in the proverbial bucket. I want to help you tell yours, too.

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