Hi. I’m Tanya.
I create stuff and sprinkle it all around the internet like glitter.
Pick what resonates with you and ignore the rest!

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on Patreon, i

… write Frequent Flash Fiction. (By ‘frequent,’ I mean at least 2x/week.)
If you’re a fan of short-short stories suitable for reading on your lunch break, during your public transport commute, or before bed, this is the platform for you. Subscriptions are available as low as $2 for 1 story per week, and 2 stories is only $5. Your patronage is how I am able to keep both my website and my car up and running. I appreciate every dollar!
* My Patreon is currently on hiatus, to be resumed on September 1.

ON Instagram, I

… honestly don’t post that much anymore. I’ve tried to use it as a promotional / brand building space in the past, but I might be terrible at promoting and brand building. While I’m bringing myself back to a place of motivation and purpose, I am not posting very much. When I do, you can expect cats, snapchat selfies, and possibly Tarot-related content.

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on FacebooK, I

… have a business page that used to be dedicated to time management tips and advice, but which I decided to switch to a promotional “Author Page”… except Facebook won’t let me change the name back to Tanya Writes Stuff. I’ll struggle with them when I have the spoons.


ON THE Twitter, I

… celebrate my nerdy side, as I am a fan of … almost everything. Expect Critical Role content on Thursdays, and either complete silence or a glut of reposts and memes.


My Pinterest is

… a reflection of my passion for all stories - the ones we tell and the ones we live. It’s home to my “Like A Magpie” board, a continually evolving collection of random images and text posts to inspire authors to new and more interesting works. (There’s more than that, but it’s the board I Pin to the most.) Pinterest also functions as a hub for all of my other platforms, a distribution center for my promotional graphics as well as share-worthy images I may have posted elsewhere.


YouTube … eventually

I have the ideas, but not the confidence to be on camera. Not yet. When I get things together in the video department, YouTube will be an experimental playground for book trailers, guided meditations, maybe some planning videos. We’ll have to see. As it is, I have no home base, no equipment, and no confidence.