Photographed by:   Bethany Snyder   (amazing, talented author and incredible friend.)

Photographed by: Bethany Snyder
(amazing, talented author and incredible friend.)

"There she is! Cute, huh?
Sort of a quiet, nerdy thing.
Not your usual, but nice."

You should know I'm terrible at biographies. Well, I am. Talking about myself makes me itch. I feel as though the worlds and characters in my head and on the pages of my books are infinitely more interesting than I am.

But for the curious, I'm an INFJ Pisces living in New Hampshire. I read Tarot, I drink tea, I love cats. I do watercolor and collage and fancy handwriting when I'm not being #awritingwriter.  I dream of living a tiny life with a tiny cat in a tiny house by the ocean. Any ocean. I'm not picky.

I am, first and foremost, a writer. I've been a writer since I could hold a pencil, since Mr. Simon gave us the assignment to write stories to teach us how to use our vocabulary words. I write for the love of it, for the story of it, for the words and the characters and the possibility of it all. I'd write every chance I get even if I wasn't published. Transitioning from writer to 'published author' has been an amazing, illuminating experience, and I'm trying to be present in every part of it. One of those parts is a newsletter aimed at people who read and enjoy my words. I'd be thrilled to have you along for the ride.